Alexander Bard is an Internet sociologist, a cyber philosopher, and the co-author of The Futurica Trilogy, and Syntheism: Creating God In The Internet Age. In this episode of Freestyle Christianity Podcast, Alexander speaks to Josef about the Internet revolution and our need for a proper metaphysics for the Internet age.

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  • baroo2

    It has been great listening to this podcast and given me much food for thought. I have never heard Alexander before and his enthusiasm and drive are contagious. I come from a relatively conservative Christian background but am very conscious of the need to evaluate our theological positions and terminologies on order to be relevant in this rapidly changing world. Like John Cobb I am a Methodist preacher so am interested in much of what Alexander said but from within the traditional Christian context. I see Alexander’s referral to a-theos (void), pan-theos (universe), en-theos (multiplicity) as not too dissimilar to a trinitarian view of deity. I think it was reading Catherine Keller’s (more affordable!) “On the mystery” that inspired me for this.
    Atheos would be equivalent to God the Father … The source, the darkness and void, the UNmanifest, the transcendent, the Apophatic of whom Jesus said, “no man has seen the Father”.
    Pantheos would be equivalent to God the Son … The manifested, the revealed, the incarnate, the bringing into being of all things particular and known. The incarnate who hallows all things created.
    Entheos would be the Holy Spirit who completes the perichoretic dance bring all things to life through ‘fellowship’, relationship.
    Of course a good whiteheadian would rightly point out that my interpretation would of necessity be incorrect in the above order as the relationship through Entheos would pre-order the relata of pantheos. Scripture would also back that up in that prior to the creation of the universe (Pantheos) the Spirit (Entheos) ‘brooded over the face of the waters”.
    Thanks again for this inspiring and thought provoking interview. I have already downloaded the book 🙂

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