Josef speaks to Barry Taylor about radical theology, the Internet, Nietzsche, creativity, the pope, True Detective, a radical take on Easter and much more. They also mention a number of Freestyle friends, among them Peter Rollins, Jack Caputo, Alexander Bard, Daniel Barber and Kester Brewin.

Barry is a Brit who has lived in Los Angeles for far longer than he ever imagined, and he likes it. As a writer/speaker/thinker/musician he has talked and played his way around much of the world and can often be found speaking at conferences, teaching classes on art, advertising, theology, religion, technology and all things cultural at various educational institutions in Los Angeles. He is the founder of Lifelabla, a learning environment committed to promoting and nurturing ideas that enrich life and help  people to become self-aware and more focused on creating the lives they want for themselves. He has written a few books, and is writing a new one, a memoir of sorts about epiphanies and catastrophes.  Barry holds his PhD in Theology and Culture, as with most things, very lightly. When he is not working he can often be seen biking around Venice or hanging with friends at a particular unnamed coffee shop and spends an inordinate amount of time exploring LA’s hippest clothing stores. Most Sundays he can be found in West LA making music with friends and talking about life, religion and lots of other things.

Freestyle Christianity Podcast